The Quik-Release


Wisconsin Aerostation

The only complete balloon restraint system on the market, Quik-Release holds your balloon in place until you want to launch, no matter what wind conditions you face. Each Quik-Release is tested to over 3500# of pull during it's manufacture. That's enough strength that if you get a wind gust strong enough to move the full size pickup truck you're tied off to, your restraint system will hold. It also means that after ten years of use, when it will be showing some wear, it will still be a piece of equipment you can count on.

On the other hand, during most inflations the Quik-Release will have little or no tension on it. You will be using it only as a precaution. The Quik-Release falls loose of it's own weight when released under these conditions. Some releases have to be slapped with your hand to start them opening under light loads. This poses the danger of getting your hand caught and injured during the opening process.

The large, bright red handle on the Quik-Release is easy to see in the excitement of a high wind inflation. It is easy to grip, even with heavy gloves on. The Velcro strap holds it securely in place until you are ready to go.

With just a small amount of tension, the Quik-Release keeps holding after the Velcro strap is unwrapped.

At release, the handle is firmly gripped in your hand, so it doesn't recoil and pose a danger of hitting anything. The materials for the Quik-Release have been chosen for their low stretch properties, so that neither the release part itself or the down rope acts as a "rubber band" to endanger the pilot or bystanders.

Now that you're in the air, you have the release assembly hanging next to the basket, in the way and a missile ready to strike your head on landing, right? Well we thought about that, too!!

The Quik-Release comes with a padded storage case that is designed to be lashed to the inside wall of your basket. After launch, undo the carabiners, remove the Quik-Release and place it in the case. It's out of the way and no danger to basket occupants!

The Quik-Release as pictured is used for carabiner envelope hook ups...Cameron, Lindstrand, T&C and some Aerostar. For Aerostar with quick pin envelope attachment, 2-point Raven or Balloon Works, contact us for special adaptations which can be supplied at no extra charge.

The Quik-Release system, a complete and matched set of parts that make up the unit that professional balloon pilots depend on when safety counts.

The Quik-Release system is priced at $175, shipping in US included, from:

Wisconsin Aerostation

W1341 Hwy. B

Sullivan, WI 53178

(262) 593-2251

Pete Asp