Reassembly of the Quik-Release

1) Lay out release assembly and down rope on flat surface, with red handle on top. Fold red handle back toward carabiner end of release assembly. Insert larger, longer loop of release assembly through large eye in down rope.

2) Insert smaller, shorter loop through larger loop.

3) Fold red handle back over loops, placing hook on handle through free end of smaller loop. If necessary, rotate red handle in the loop that holds it so that it's hook points down.

4) Complete re-assembly by wrapping Velcro strap snuggly around handle and loops.

When attaching Quik-Release to balloon, place handle down, so that when you are ready to activate the Quik-Release the handle will be pulled downward and toward you.

Attach the down rope to your chase vehicle by means of the trailer hitch or some other part firmly anchored to the vehicle frame. Be sure the rope is not passed over any sharp edges.

For other questions on Quik-release usage, call Wisconsin Aerostation at (262) 593-2251

weekdays 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time

Pete Asp